Q-Anon’s Lies



Average Mohamed and Parents For Peace release a new video targeted at Q-Anon Conspiracy.

Average Mohamed’s most recent video targets the Q-Anon Conspiracy, which has proliferated over the past several years. It is addressed to Q-Anon followers, mentions some of their wilder beliefs, and then describes a so-called Bigfoot who lives in his backyard. The message implies if Q-Anon followers believe Q, then they would also believe Bigfoot lives in Mohamed’s backyard. It then pivots to a more caring message, explaining how many are worried about how individuals may pivot away from the Q-Anon message. Finally, it explains the partnership between Average Mohamed and Parents For Peace and to please call 1-844-49-PEACE for help.

Engaging with former extremists is challenging, but Average Mohamed has the skills and experience to do it. However, we need support from the general public. Q-Anon inspired the actions of thousands of people on January 6th, and may continue to inspire violence in the future. This is a serious public health concern.

Please help us raise money to stop Q-Anon’s lies, and help its followers withdraw from this dangerous movement.

Please donate to: https://www.gofundme.com/f/average-mohamed


Hello! I set up Average Mohamed to talk plainly to humanity – to all of you. Issues of race, religion, and “fitting in” affect all of us, especially our youth, so it’s time we talk about them.

Average Mohamed is a counter ideology organization dedicated to stoping extremism and hate. Creating narratives that engage youth aged 8-25 year old globally promoting values of Peace, Islam is peace, Democracy in rights, freedoms and liberties, and Anti-Extremism. We counter hate, be it Antisemitism, Homophobia, Islamophobia, Racism or Antichristianism. Creating narrative in dialogue, using social media online outreach and offline outreach to engage youths globally.  

The solution to so many of these issues is simple: dialogue. Too often, silence leads to misunderstanding and extreme views. I waited for a straightforward, logical program that would help youth to understand their unique contribution to society, and appreciate others with different ethnicities, races, and belief systems. While waiting, and waiting, and waiting, it dawned on him that an average guy can spark these dialogues.

If it is an average guy who espouses hate, intolerance, and extremism; all of us average folks need to speak up and challenge this narrative. Our goal is to give average parents, kids and clergy talking points to counter falsehood propagated by violent extremists, racists and others who promote intolerance. We hope to share love of country, culture, and democracy with children across the world. We need your help to do so.


Average Mohamed