Spreading the message of anti-extremism is at the core of our mission and directly affects us all. Messages that are clear and concise addressing the dynamics of:

Old world vs. New World

Cartoons have been our first and continue to be our distinguishing medium for the messages. Created for the younger and impressionable audience of 8-16 year olds. Available former viewing at AverageMohamed.com and youtube.com.

Mohamed Amin Ahmed is an articulate and in demand speaker for schools, churches, and other organizations. Click Here for Contact Information.

Average Mohamed was featured at a conference in London to discover "Innovative Cooperation To Counter Extremism Online". The conference was Tuesday July 7.

RANconfLondonThe conference included representation from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, RAN, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other top professionals from across Europe. Average Mohamed was one of four initiatives featured at the event. The three others were about fighting Nazism in Germany, skin heads in USA and a second effort to combat anti-extremism from a man who remained anonymous in London.

Average Mohamed was very well received. Mohamed produced a 10 minute video that was shown and the authentic, grass roots nature of the work came through. Here is the video of Average Mohamed that was presented at the conference.

averagemohamed roosevelt HS webAverage Mohamed has been honored with a donation of $250 by the students of Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They had a Henna event to raise the money.  Thank you for your kindness and proactivity in helping with the cause of fighting anti-extremism and embracing liberty and freedom.

discussion averagemohamedmohamed with african delegationOn Friday, April 24, Mohamed Amin Ahmed met with 9 Visitors and 3 Interpreter/Liasons at the Minnesota International Center to discuss his YouTube campaign against ISIS social media.  Among the many things discussed was how averagemohamed could help in the countries where these visitorswere from and share in the effort against extremism.