On the same day experts at a conference in Minneapolis discussed the scope and scale of extremist social media messaging, Twitter shuttered 235,000 accounts promoting terrorism.

As many as 90,000 tweets are sent daily supporting the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), according to estimates. Most experts believe the most convincing counternarratives come not from institutions such as the State Department, but from individuals — especially if they’re everyday citizens.

Like Mohamed Amin Ahmed and his cartoon creation, “Average Mohamed.”

It’s a series of short cartoons countering the extremist media so many Muslim young people encounter. The animation — which can be watched on averagemohamed.com, YouTube and several social media sites — features Average Mohamed negating the nihilist violence of ISIL and other groups with what Islam truly represents. Cartoon titles include “A Muslim in the West,” “The Bullet or the Ballot,” and “Identity in Islam,” among others.

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