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1 month ago
Photos from AverageMohamed's post

Spoke to a delegation from South Asia. From India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Topic: our duty is to create the counter ideology against extremism. Find your voice do what you can how you ... See more

1 month ago
These Muslim and Jewish community leaders are united in frustration at Ilhan Omar's comments

We are taught by Rev. Martin Luther King. His words,” It is not the words of our enemies we ... See more

In Ilhan Omar's home district in Minnesota, her words are bringing some Jewish and Muslim activists, constituents and leaders together ... in denunciation.

1 month ago

Inallilahi waina illayhi Rajicuun. From God we come to God we go back. Governments, media and politicians have given WHITE SUPREMACY a pass. Jews, Muslims, LGBTQi and Colored ... See more

1 month ago
Correcting Assumptions in Counterterrorism – Cedar-Riverside and Minnesota’s Somali-Americans - Safe Communities Institute (SCI)

Check your understanding of extremism. Usually most information is biased or ... See more

Justin Hienz writes about counterterrorism research with the Somali-American communities in Minnesota and corrects assumptions about Cedar-Riverside.

1 month ago
‘She Had a Poor Choice of Words’: Ilhan Omar’s Constituents Grapple with Her Remarks

They used my quote as headline. “She had a poor choice of words”. We should not be spending time telling our daughters and ... See more

In Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, voters who overwhelmingly elected the first Somali-American congresswoman were conflicted over her comments.

2 months ago
Christopher Hasson, Coast Guard Officer, Plotted Attacks at His Desk, Filings Say

When you are good, you are really good. Excellent work by FBI, DOJ and DHS. Just imagine the carnage this ... See more

Lieutenant Hasson, who hoped to spark a race war, had studied the Unabomber, the Virginia Tech gunman and other extremist killers, the authorities said.

2 months ago
Correction: The American Somali-Jewish relationship is strong

We work to create the America we want. As a leader in my community. We want the world to know we are one ... See more

We are minorities facing the same problem of extreme hate -- anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism

2 months ago
Practical Terrorism Prevention

... See more

Researchers examined past U.S. countering violent extremism and terrorism prevention efforts and explored options to strengthen them. They found that current capabilities are relatively limited and ... See more

2 months ago
Correction: The American Somali-Jewish Relationship is Strong

We are working to build the America we want. We value our common humanity. An example for the world. ... See more

Mohamed Ahmed is founder and executive director of Average Mohamed. He is a Bush Foundation Fellow and the Global Ties U.

2 months ago
Alternative Narrative Average Mohamed

This is three years old. We asked our kids what mattered to them. Islamophobia and racism. How others think of our kids as terrorists, or because of their accent or our ... See more

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