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18 hours ago
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Love this picture. Have you ever walked into a packed hall full of strangers who have talking points about Sharia and listen to absurd correlation and denigration of Islam. Then they look at you to ... See more

3 days ago
Sri Lanka Suicide Bombings Targeting Christians Kill Hundreds

Anti Christian hate. At Average Mohamed we were asked What is Anti Christian Hate? This is a clear ... See more

The bombings shattered the relative calm of the once war-ravaged island nation amid a rise of religious extremism in South Asia

6 days ago

We are wishing our Christian Brothers and Sisters a Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter. We celebrate our diversity. It is our strength. In democracies. We salute you all.

1 week ago
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Spoke today to Moroccan youths. Topic: When youth speak other youths listen. Sports is very important to help our kids keep off the streets. If combined with positive messages promoting diversity, ... See more

2 weeks ago
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Salute to Sudan. The people’s revolution. They marched for more rights, freedoms, liberties, free press ... See more

After months of protests in Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir has stepped down.

2 weeks ago
Light Upon Light Shape Shifters - Mohamed Amin Ahmed (Average Mohamed)

We are honored to have @AverageMohamed as a #ShapeShifters for our #SaveHate campaign. Full interview soon! Want to become part of our network and play a role in ... See more

To struggle against hate we need to alter the paradigm and ecology in which polarization, hate, and extremism flourish. Independent actors and influencers ca...

2 weeks ago
Dealing with Islamophobia

Spoke today to a German delegation. No pictures for their security. Topic: How to get the process of assimilation going within our communities. Most understand assimilation as a dirty right wing word ... See more

Islamophobia is real. The kids get bullied for their accents and their sisters for the head scarf or Hijab. Hate is not new in America. The kids looked to hi...

3 weeks ago
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On April 4th 1968. The Rev. Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated. Here was a man, a Nobel Laureate of Peace, an Activist, a leader, a voice of conscience in the 20th century. Spent most of his time ... See more

1 month ago
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Outreach day. Spoke to a delegation from Europe. From Bosnia Hercegovina, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey and Moldova. Government officials from democracies. Topic today: all religious extremist ... See more

1 month ago
Opposition to Counter Ideology and Anti-Hate

Please read to understand our world better in our works. We have work to do. Could use your support. Please like and ... See more

An activist tale from the grass roots. As Average Mohamed we get our fair share of critics.

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