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4 days ago
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ISIS investing in wining new converts to cause. ISIS and Al Qaeda do not fight as we do in Democracies according to election cycles. Theirs is an inter generational war which they believe to remain ... See more

5 days ago
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Saint Paul Police Outreach Program. Started a new class for East African Youths. Last class was all boys. This time 95% are girls. Goal is to teach videography from basics to editing and production. ... See more

6 days ago
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9/11 we remember. Things changed for all of us. Our government agencies FBI, DOJ, DHS, CIA and Pentagon Soldiers became really good at stoping extremists. Our laws changed and countered the enemy. ... See more

1 week ago
Global Ties U.S.

One of the honors Average Mohamed has been awarded is being 2018 Citizen Diplomat of the Year. An honor awarded previously to Maya ... See more

Last call: TODAY (September 5) is the deadline to recognize outstanding #CitizenDiplomacy pros furthering the cause of international & mutual understanding.

Make someone’s day.

Nominate them ... See more

2 weeks ago
A top federal prosecutor in Ohio just sent a harsh message to white supremacists

His name is Justin Herdman. A prosecutor from our Department of Justice. You think things are bad with hate proliferating. Then comes DOJ to remind us all they ... See more

A federal prosecutor used a routine press conference announcing criminal charges on Thursday to deliver a harsh message to those who advocate white supremacy and white nationalism.

1 month ago
Why Jordanian comic book author Suleiman Bakhit was a true Arab superhero

We lost a great man. He stood up where many cowered. Paid for it too. ... See more

The artist fought against extremism with his comics, hoping to give young people in the Middle East more worthy heroes to look up to

1 month ago
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Eid Mubarak to one and all from my family to you all. We live in country that has blessed us with Freedom of Religion. We prayed in a public park today. Thousands of us Muslims. The police came to ... See more

1 month ago
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Come celebrate diversity. At the end of Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca is a Muslim Festival of Eid. Tell a Muslim Eid Mubarak. Diversity is our strength in democracies.
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1 month ago
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We intend to fight back. Their aim is to destroy the fabric of our civilization. We will never ever accept that. We will fight for Humanity. Today we mourn El Paso. We will prevail. Hate will loose, ... See more

1 month ago
Hamza bin Laden, Son of Qaeda Founder, Is Dead

Death of the father, now death of the son. It is folks who keep barbarians away ... See more

The United States had a role in the operation that killed the younger Mr. bin Laden, officials said. But other details, including where he died, remained unknown.

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