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1 day ago
Somali Link Radio Show On KFAI FM

Hour long conversation about Terrorist Attack in Kenya. Updating local Community English Radio. What we know and what we will do as ... See more

Somali Link Radio brings back Mohamed Ahmed, Founder and ED of Average Mohamed to discuss yesterday’s Al Shabab attack in Nairobi as it was happening and the short comings of war on terror in ... See more

1 week ago
Is ISIS Still Alive and Well on the Internet? - Homeland Security Today

Facebook emphatically stated, “There’s no place for terrorists or content that promotes ... See more

Despite land losses and social media takedowns, violent extremist groups still somehow persist in recruiting and operating online.

1 week ago

If you are a government worker affected in this shutdown. I can afford to pay for grocery shopping of one family. Please inbox me if you are in Minneapolis Minnesota. Average Mohamed cannot ... See more

2 weeks ago
Citizen Diplomat Award

I am honored!

2 weeks ago
Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee adopts addenda to principles on foreign fighters


On 27 December 2018, the United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) formally adopted Addenda to the so-called Madrid Guiding Principles. Designed as a practical tool to assist ... See more

3 weeks ago

Happy New Year to one and all. We want a more peaceful world for 2019. We intend to fight extremism until their values are put in the dustbin of human history. We at Average Mohamed are recommitting ... See more

4 weeks ago

There is an American tradition that comes all the way from immigrant resettling Ellis Island, home of Statue of Liberty. What they did to Eastern Europeans, Irish, Nords, Jews and others. When an ... See more

1 month ago

Merry Christmas. To our Christian brothers and sisters. We celebrate our diversity. It is our strength. Merry Christmas.

1 month ago
Journalists faced 'unprecedented' hostility this year, report says

. https://www-m.cnn.com/2018/12/18/americas/reporters-without-borders-2018-report-intl/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FQOCkFtNy3H&rm=1
Free press is a basic right for Humanity. Journalists risk ... See more

More journalists were killed, abused and subjected to violence in 2018 than in any other year on record, with those in the profession facing an "unprecedented level of hostility," a new report has ... See more

1 month ago

Rand Corporation, a premier research organization known for non partisan research. Just evaluated Average ... See more

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