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18 hours ago
Somalia edges closer to first democratic election in half a century

The greatest tool against extremism is one woman one man vote. In 50 years except for Somaliland. Somalia has not had an election. Al Shabaab has already called democracy unislamic. Those who vote ... See more

Landmark law expected to replace clan system and lay groundwork for long-awaited ‘one person, one vote’ poll

2 days ago
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Black History Month in America. Freedom of Religion is a right to all humanity. We in democracies unlike states that are run by Theocrats, Communists and disenfranchising secularist. Understand that ... See more

5 days ago
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Black History Month in America. I am an African in America. But I understand on whose shoulders we stand. Our elder African Americans.
I share with you the story of one. Frederick Douglas, born ... See more

1 week ago
FBI, State Department Partner with Kenya to Launch First Overseas Joint Terrorism Task Force — FBI

Amazing work by the FBI, DOJ in Kenya. I regularly speak to officials from Kenya and Somalia security services. One major issue is the lack of science and technology needs to sort out attacks and ... See more

The FBI and State Department have partnered to assist Kenya in creating the first Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) to be located outside of the United States. This Kenyan-led JTTF will be a ... See more

2 weeks ago
Terror cells: how Britain’s prisons became finishing schools for extremists | The Spectator

America released John Walker Lindh, famously known as American Taliban. He not only got more radicalized but was translating extremist materials. Only in Minnesota is there a pilot program started by ... See more

Sometimes it appears as if, over the past ten years, the government has been actively trying to destroy the whole criminal justice system. It’s like an evil experiment: impose a 20 per cent cut in ... See more

3 weeks ago
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Know your redlines. Do not be afraid to call it out. You can do nothing if you don’t have Freedom, Liberties and Rights. Stand up for it even if you know you will be defeated. Millions died so you ... See more

3 weeks ago
Air Force saw record suicide rate in 2019

The covenant between we the people and our soldiers is that we will take care of them at all cost. We are failing our soldiers. Shame on us all. We need to do better and stop this failings. Shame on ... See more

The 2019 figure includes active duty, reserve, guard and Air Force civilians and compares to 103 suicides across the service in 2018 — a 33 percent increase.

3 weeks ago
Minnesota Men Who Joined al-Shabab Now Remorseful

Remorse after putting our community in America in harms way and in the killings of fellow somalis. This message is powerful. The only question I have is how many will actually hear it or read about ... See more

More than a decade ago, some 20 young Somali-Americans shocked their families when they left behind jobs and schools and returned to their native Somalia to join jihadist group al-Shabab.

4 weeks ago
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75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. We witnessed the industrial scale of killings for Jews, Polish, Gypsies, Russians, Homosexuals, Disabled people and Roma communities. I once read a ... See more

1 month ago
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Graduation Day for Saint Paul Police Department Outreach Program. Guest of Honor was Deputy Chief Paul Lovino, Commandant Amber Larson. They presented Gifts, Awards and Certificates to our student ... See more

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