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Hijab Film_V_1.0.mp4

Saint Paul Police Outreach Program. Listen to the second group we worked with this year of just girls. Emancipated proud American Muslim Girls. Talking about the hijab, their hair covering. Notice ... See more

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Ahmed Mohamed | Parents For Peace June 17, 2020 Webinar

Hate and how we fight it. Second is work with Saint Paul Police Department in outreach and goals. I had the pleasure of working in modern policing techniques used and implemented by Police Chief Todd ... See more

From the Parents for Peace Webinar, “A Practitioners’ Guide to Overcoming Bigotry & Finding Solutions to Reconciliation," held on June 17, 2020.

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Timeline Photos

Happy Independence day Somalia. 60 years old today. There is hope this year we celebrate. We are about to franchise the agency of the Somali citizen. Walking away from tribal dynamics of selected ... See more

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POLICE REFORM: The Good, Bad and Wrong.

Please read, Police Reform and the Feds. Our ideas on the issues. We need common sense approach. And we start by saying to our Police and Feds. We love you. Love us back. Racism Must Go!

The bad ideas is defund the police or abolish police. Why is it a bad idea because crime exists in our cities and exists in our suburbs.

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Russian spy unit paid Taliban to attack US troops, US intelligence says

Damn infuriating!!!! Killing of our American soldiers is the one thing we all Americans of all stripes take a stand on. Any attack on our soldiers is equivalent to an attack on the American body ... See more

A Russian spy unit paid members of Afghanistan’s Taliban movement to conduct lethal attacks on U.S. troops in that country, according to a classified American intelligence assessment, people ... See more

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ISIS magazine in India with links to translation into 14 different languages. ISIS has an intergenerational plan of action. We in the west have election cycle plans of action. ISIS invests in ... See more

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Parents For Peace June 2020 Webinar

Webinar with Parents For Peace, Police chief Regie Burgess, Reverend Reverend Sharon Risher’s and Arno Michaels. Kicked off by Congressman Keating of Massachusetts. Great introduction by the ... See more

Parents For Peace Webinar on A Practitioners’ Guide to Overcoming Bigotry and Finding Solutions for Reconciliation

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Police Interview w:Credits

Community outreach Officers: In outreach we were helped tremendously by the Community Outreach officer Shirwa Warsame. The kids did not understand his role. He was an officer who did not carry a gun ... See more

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Today is five years anniversary of murder of 9 souls at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston. A racist killed them. Today I was a participator in a webinar with Rev Risher whose Mom and two ... See more

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Black ex-cop: I understand the anger but don't defund police. It could make things worse.

Great thinking from my Mentor Proffesor Errol Southers on defunding police and impact on community. We at Average Mohamed saw directly the impact of Saint Paul Police, LECPA, Explorers in getting to ... See more

If you strip police funds, the first cuts will be community interaction programs that require humanity and commitment, not guns, tanks or pepper spray.

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