Christine Skovira

Strategic Outreach and Planning

Education: The Wharton School (B.S., Economics) and the College of Arts/Sciences (B.A., Biology) at the University of Pennsylvania, 2013
Affiliation: The Wharton School; University of Pennsylvania; Cleveland ClinicBio: Christine Skovira is a strategy consultant with particularly deep experience in implementing behavioral change programs. Christine led behavioral health change initiatives at the Wharton School that affected over 5,000 undergraduate students; has led 2 major rebranding initiatives for an early-stage start-up and a multinational medical device firm; and has spent more than 3 years working with the Somali-American community in Minneapolis on community development initiatives. Christine currently serves as a Strategic Planner advising the CEO, CSO and CEO at Cleveland Clinic, a multispecialty nonprofit hospital with over $8B in revenues.