Hello! We set up Average Mohamed to talk plainly to humanity – to all of you. Issues of race, religion, and “fitting in” affect all of us, especially our youth, so it’s time we talk about them.

The solution to so many of these issues is simple: dialogue. Too often, silence leads to misunderstanding and extreme views. Our founder, Mohamed Amin waited for a straightforward, logical program that would help youth to understand their unique contribution to society, and appreciate others with different ethnicities, races, and belief systems. While waiting, and waiting, and waiting, it dawned on him that an average guy can spark these dialogues. If it is an average guy who espouses hate, intolerance, and extremism, all of us average folks need to speak up and challenge this narrative.

Our goal is to give average parents, kids and clergy talking points to counter falsehood propagated by extremists, racists and others who promote intolerance. We hope to share love of country, culture, and democracy with children across the world. We need your help to do so.


The Average Mohamed team


Average Mohamed is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. EIN# is 47-3672633.  The Board Of Directors is comprised of the following people.

Founder, Chairman and Executive Director

Mohamed Amin Ahmed migrated to the United States 20 years ago and has played numerous roles in both civic and corporate worlds. At the onset of the 9/11 crisis, Mohamed joined the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism, and has since been the Chapter President for Minnesota. He is the founder of Average Mohamed, an organization that passionately promotes ideas of counter terrorism through the use of popular culture. His counter terrorism mantra is: "It takes an idea, to defeat an idea". He currently works as a Manager for a local gas company and lives in Minneapolis with his wife and four children.

farahFarhiya Farah is a Senior Consultant at GlobeGlow Consulting and Research, Inc in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area. She provides consulting services in the areas of food safety training, ethnic food businesses, community based participatory research work, healthy homes and lead poison prevention policy and grant Development.

Bob Fletcher PhotoBob Fletcher previously served as the Ramsey County Sheriff for 16 years. In 2013 he retired from 36 years in law enforcement. Prior to becoming Sheriff, Bob served as Commander of the St Paul Police Department where he became an expert in Juvenile Delinquency. Bob currently serves as the Director of the Center For Somalia History Studies and is a Counter-Terrorism instructor specializing in Al-Shabaab and Radicalization. In 2014, Bob was elected to serve as a Vadnais Heights City Council Member. He graduated from Hamline University with a B.A. in Political Science and Government in 1977 before beginning his career in law enforcement.