The Case for Secular Constitutional Democracy in the Muslim World

Today there is mass civil unrest in Lebanon, Iran and Iraq. Citizen are on the streets demonstrating. What do they want? What we already have in America. Freedom, rights and an end to corruption or rather the massive stealing by their governments. An Iraqi kid barely 14 was asked why  demonstrating in the streets of Baghdad when they will kill you for it. He said I deserve running water, I deserve an education, I deserve electricity and I deserve a clean not so corrupt government by the elites.  We just want the basics delivered. Iran has the same kind of demonstrations. The people are tired of their corrupt fakery of the Mullahs. They don’t like that they are at war with the entire world. They are tired of their lives held hostage and lack of basic rights. Lebanon has the same issues. You know who is killing them for asking for their God Given rights, Iran. Iran is sending militia and using their proxy militia to kill the demonstrators in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon. In Lebanon Hezbollah Iran’s proxy army is using their thugs to beat up the demonstrators. In Iran they kill the demonstrators and when their family come to claim their deceased, Iranian regime  charges them $6,000 for the bullets used to kill them or otherwise they don’t release their bodies. Iranian regime and proxies claim Islam. The people are asking demonstrating in peace. What is Islamic about corruption, mismanagement, thuggery and international rejection of norms of rights, of freedoms and Liberties.

Some Muslims advocate for theocratic system of government. I am a Muslim and proud of Islam our religion. But if you want to go into politics. Leave Islam out of it. We at Average Mohamed say No to theocracy because Islam is pure Muslims are not. Religious men come to power based on popular appeal of Islam and steal, cheat, corrupt and deny rights to women, minorities and religions or sects of religion. We have seen this in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon. We advocate secular democracy as Average Mohamed Organization. Politics is man related. Islam is about Heaven and purity of our souls and spirit, mercy and grace. Things politics are not. Politics is nasty and dirty with no grace or mercy. Why would we accept Theocracy that eventually claim to speak for all by only a few men for God, no women or dissenting voices allowed. Iran and parties that use politicized Islam when the people call theocrat’s corrupt and useless in dealing with their issues, they theocrats then claim we are calling our religion corrupt and are enemies of Islam. In essence don’t question us and we take all power. We control everything about you, society and country. Secular Constitutional Democracy wants equality for all in rights, freedoms, liberties and participation by all. Men, women, minorities and majorities. And all in between present with a voice and access to power.

That is why we at Average Mohamed engage our venerable United States, State Department program of International Visitor Leadership Program. I got nominated Citizen Diplomat of the Year 2018 for the efforts. A National prestige Award.  We have given advice to Iranian, Lebanese and Iraqi secular institutions as NGO, Activists, Clergy and government officials. We urge them work for a constitutional secular democracy. You might get killed, might end up in jail. But know this lesson from an American Preacher, who was a jail bird, beaten and eventually assassinated. Reverend Martin Luther King, who said “ The arc of moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”. He fought for all especially our kid’s future. I got a pin of the Iraqi flag from a delegate dignitary who we showed how to message on social media to promote their values of secular democracy. A brave woman fighting for women rights and freedoms in Iraq. Today she is on the street doing exactly what we at Average Mohamed Organization advised. Resistance and sacrifice towards a secular man mad constitution with an accountable government. For her liberties, rights, freedoms and Justice. They want a government in fear of the people by being accountable not to continue living in fear of their government’s barbarity and corruption.

Mohamed Ahmed

Bush Foundation Fellow

Executive Director Average Mohamed Org.

2018 Citizen Diplomat of the Year

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